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8th grade---what are you using?

Robin in DFW

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I JUST wrote a post on our final choices. i think it's important to share that my 8th grader has been ps'ed up to this point and so while I want to give her a rigorous classical style education, I am trying to ease into things this year before its time for high school


Heres my post: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=201659

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I have a 13 year old here too. I have not figured it all out yet but here is what we have so far:


Math: Saxon Algebra I and Life of Fred Beginning Algebra


Language: MCT I, Lightning Lit. 8 and either Early American or British Lit., a bit of Writer's Jungle


Spanish: continue with Rosetta Stone


Philosophy: Sophie's World with guide and whatever else I can find that interests her.









Can't wait to hear what other great stuff we need :tongue_smilie:

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dd13 8th grade will be using:


LoF Geometry


Elegant Essay (IEW)

MCT Voyage (Caesar's English 2, Essay Voyage, Grammar Voyage, Poetry)

William & Mary's Utopia Literature (with the writing assignments)

SL Core 7 (with selected LA/writing)

Galore Park SYRWTL Spanish 2

Galore Park SYRWTL Science 2

Laboratory Science -- eclectic (TOPS, Kosmos Chem 3000, etc.)

Story of Science Newton




As you can see, I am focusing on writing this year. :) I realize it's more than most would want to do, but it's the focus of the year. All told, I expect her to be writing an average of two essays a week, which is not really that much for a 13 yo. . . We are just pulling things from multiple sources. Likewise, although I have several sources for science, it won't add up to an unreasonable amount of time (maybe 3 hours/wk).


I know we have dropped formal logic & latin. Gasp. We do spanish instead, and we focus on writing and music and have let those other things go. Gasp.



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Ds's line-up for 8th grade. :001_smile:


Saxon Algebra 1/2 (I'm taking an extra year before Algebra since math is an area of tolerance rather than passion. Slow and steady wins the race. ;) )


Oxford Latin Book 1 (second half)

Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek Level 4

+ Slowly working through Athenaze Book 1


Rod & Staff English 6

Pentime Penmanship 8

Vocabulary for Life Cd-rom

Introduction to Logic


History Odyssey Modern level 2 (Includes history, geography, literature, and writing)

Apologia Physical Science


+ Extras ~ Karate, piano, art

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Rod & Staff English

a long list of essay prompts, writing timed every three days

Classical Composition


Reading Detective

Daybook of Critical Reading & Writing and whole books from that worktext


Kinetic Books Pre-Algebra


Life of Fred Beginning Algebra


Science Matters

two gigantic science fair type projects


SOTW 3 & 4

Trail Guide to World Geography


Discovery of Deduction


Latin Prep

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I'm pretty eclectic, but here it is:


Was doing Videotext, switched to Lial's Intro. Alg with DVT's and doing much better

CLE LA & Reading 800

Meaningful Composition

MOH 2 and extra lit.

BJU Physical Science

Thinking Toolbox

English from the Roots Up & Getting Started with Latin


Co-op classes - once a week - Lemonade to Leadership, Destination Imagination and a Science Fair class

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I don't know too much, but Lemonade to Leadership is from IEW and is an entrepreneurial class that looks great. The other one - DI - I really don't totally get, but the lady who does a lot of awesome science stuff for our hs group is doing it. It's challenges that they have to use following certain parameters - engineering type stuff. Then, they can actually present them at tournaments - it's a national thing, I guess...

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After a couple of years using Calvert, I am creating my own plan this year. As of today, the schedule for my 8th grader looks like this:


Math - Saxon 8/7 (to cement the basics) with LOF Algebra Beginning Algebra (or maybe something else -- she already completed a pre-algebra class last year with a homeschool group...)


Vocabulary - Vocab from the Classical Roots & English From the Roots Up


Grammar - Magic Lens, followed by the last section of AG


Writing - The Elegant Essay


Poetry - various poems on her own, World of Poetry as a family


Logic - The Art of Argument, Perplexors


History - The History of US (Hakim) with brother & sister


Geography - Trail Guide to US Geography


Science - The Story of Science (Hakim) with brother & sister, Science Explorer Astronomy on her own (followed by Chemical Interactions, Chemical Building Blocks, and maybe Cells & Heredity later in the year)


Latin - Latin Prep


French - possibly Rosetta Stone (she used it last year through co-op), Schaum's Outlines, French Grammar


Literature - she loves to read, and has already read a lot of books recommended for 8th grade, but here is the beginning of our list

- A Single Shard, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Pearl, Benjamin Franklin bio, Jane Eyre, A Christmas Carol, A Separate Peace, Romeo & Juliet

* Some with lit guides, some just with discussion


I think that's it! She will also play soccer and take an acting class for fun. We hope to find a piano teacher, too.


Good luck!

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Windows to the World/Grammar/IEW combo class

Apologia Physical Science class

Latin Alive class

Kinetic Pre-Algebra

MCT variety

Elements and Carbon Chemistry

TOG yr 2 co-op



Art of Argument

Remedia outlining

Logic workbook

German? Mango?

This seems like a lot in writing/grammar and science, but it is spread over the whole year and every subject every week. We are doing the filing

system this year and it really helps to be able to tuck thing in the folder and know that we will eventually get to them.

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Here is what wehave planned thus far for my 8th grade ds.:


History: MOH III and All American History Volume 1

Language: English from the Roots Up; Easy Grammar Plus

Math: Doing a basic review using TT7 and TT Algebra 1. He did an algebra program last year and we want to make sure he has everything down pat.

Science: AIG; Apologia General Science with co-op

Latin: Latin for Children with co-op

Literature: Progeny Press Study Guides for The Hobbit and LOTR Trilogy; Blood on the River Study; possibly Lord of the Flies and various other titles as we go along.

Spelling and Vocabulary: Will be taken from Literature


I think that's it. I've been writing my plans out all afternoon so my mind is very hazy at the moment.

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what my oldest did for 8th grade:

Jacobs Algebra

Sonlight Core 7 - history and literature

Student Writing Intensive level C from Institute for Excellence in Writing

Saxon Grammar (was called Hake Grammar back then)

Prentice Hall Science Explorer


what my middle dd used for 8th grade:

Kinetic Books Algebra I

SL Core 100 - history and literature

Fix-it Grammar from IEW

writing using IEW methodology

Prentice Hall Science Explorer

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8th grade plan for the last one, sniff, sniff


Oak Meadow English 8

Oak Meadow Civics w/ extras to complete 3 Boy Scout Merit Badges


CPO Life Science, jazzed up with extra reading and labs

Modern Hebrew w/ Rosetta Stone and Hebrew Online

Dolciani PreAlgebra to review then Algebra, probably Jacobs


Ruth in NC

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My 8th DD is really looking forward to this year! Here is our line up:


Math - CD Algebra 1


English - R&S English 8


Vocabulary - Vocabulary from the Classical Roots


Spelling - We have Abeka's 8th grade Spelling & Vocab, but I now realize that spelling as a subject may no longer be necessary for dd -- I just need to be brave enough to drop it! So hopefully, no spelling this year.


Creative Writing - OYAN


History and Literature - SL Core 100 using Hewitt's syllabus for writing assignments; we have The Teaching Co. videos, "The History of the United States" (Guelzo, Gallagher, and Allitt) to supplement as time permits


Science - PH Earth Science w/ lab (Tarbuck and Lutgens); we have The Teaching Co. videos, "The Nature of Earth" to supplement


Spanish - primarily SOS


Logic - Perplexors and Mind Benders


Bible - This is my undecided subject still to purchase! I've got to hurry up and decide! We could follow Sonlight's suggestions. :confused:


Then there are her extras: Piano, Band, Dance, Swimming (part of year), Sewing (part of year)


We made the brave decision to drop Latin this year. Horrifying, I know.

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Here's what we're doing:


Math: R&S 8


Latin: First Form and then into Second +Cambridge as supplement


Logic: Critical Thinking I


French: L'Art de Lire


English: Harvey's Elem. Grammar, dictation, literary journal, narrations and writing lessons CM style and from the Homer core book (Maxim in Jan.)


Geography: finish Book of Marvels


Literary terms and genres: Figuratively Speaking & Poetry and Prose


Arts: History of Art Sculpture, Watercolors, piano, drama classes, Artist study= Velaquez and reading I, Juan de Pareja +picture study album


Science: Physical Science+ reading The Mystery of the Periodic Table and biography on Albert Einstein


Nature Study: Botany


History: Finishing Story of England, Story of France (she will take these over independently) with DM's Renaissance and Reformation Times and The Renaissance Reader

Biographies on Francis Bacon: The Temper of a Man and Galileo



Term 1: Everyman, Utopia and Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves+English Literature for Boys and Girls, Henry 5th


Term 2: Shakespeare's sonnets, poetry from Raleigh and Donne, Bacon's Essays+English Literature for Boys and Girls, Romeo and Juliet


Term 3: poetry from Milton, Simonds American Literature (some selections), Plutarch selections (Brutus and Ceasar), English Literature for Boys and Girls and The Hobbit


We will have a shorter term 4 which runs into the summer but it will be light.

Dd will have more swimming lessons too.

She will also have some books for independent reading.

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I just did a new sig with all our curriculum for the year in it. I hope I got it all. We may add some electives once we see how much time this takes. Last year he did typing and computer programming (Alice) as electives. This year we've talked about a cooking class and another programming class, but I don't know what language dh will have him do next.

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Dd13 will be doing:


Math: finish up CLE 700 and work through our new LOF: Pre-Algebra & Biology then move on to Jacob's Algebra (she tolerates math, but really doesn't like it. The LOF is 1/week to keep it fun!)


Literature: Lightning Lit with the Unit Studies from LLfLOTR thrown in (little bro is doing LLfLOTR). Lots of reading tied to history just for fun discussion.


Writing: trying to follow SWB lecture plan on middle grades, write across curriculum. Occasional IEW Medieval theme-based thrown in to review what she learned last year with SWI-B.


Grammar: IEW's Fix-It and Painless Grammar


History: Medieval-Early Renaissance a la WTM (Wish me luck on this, it's our first year without a "curriculum" but I listened to SWB's lecture on lit as history and was so inspired!!:))


Science: Rainbow Science (secularly, I hope;)).


Vocabulary: Word Roots and then ???


Art/Geography: Trail Guide to World Geo/Geo through Art


Music: ps band - flute


French: Tell Me More by Auralog (I just bought this through HSBC, hope it's as good as it sounds! I have a B.A. in French so I'm pretty picky).


Logic: still TBD did Mindbenders and Prufrock Press last year


As I list this all out I'm remembering my focus with her this year is supposed to be social/emotional skills, not academics.:lol: We'll probably revise, again. Sigh.

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These threads are always fun to read. Here's what we've lined up for dd 13:


RCA Humanities I (Church History, World Literature & Composition)


RCA Latin 2 (Henle)


OSU German 1 (we are just now starting this and it seems really good)


Biology (can't decide, learning toward Apologia but have some reservations and I know that I need to get this figured out quickly)


Math (finishing AoPS online Algebra 1 class, which goes through mid-September, last challenge set is due at the end of September I think, and then we'll decide what to do from there.)


Grammar/Spelling--not sure what to get yet. I want an independent workbook format. Maybe Seton for spelling and CHC for grammar review.


SAT Question of the Day--we'll try to add this in. We enjoyed it last year.


Outside activities: dance & piano


Religion, Fine Arts, Vocabulary--not going to add formal study time for these areas until we see how things go with the above.

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Math: Life of Fred Algebra

Dolciani Algebra - (we may take 1 1/2 years to do combination)

Science: Prentice Hall Science Explorer - 4 or 5 books

Digital Frog (This may get scrapped to do Bio at the local co-op)



Creative – One year Adventure Novel (maybe)

Lessons That Change Writers – Nancy Atwell

Vocabulary - English from the Roots Up Book 2

SAT Vocabulary Deck

Grammar - Easy Grammar Plus


Literature - Combined with history

History - Really stuck on this one - I think Sonlight 6/History Odyssey mix. Still working on that one!


Logic Perplexors, Thinking Toolbox

Art my own artist study with projects

Music my own composer study

Foreign Language Rosetta Stone Spanish

Physical Education Swimming


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Math: NEM I/AoPS Algebra I

History/Literature/Church History: TOG Year 4

Writing: Classical Writing Chreia & occasional TOG writing assignments

Grammar: Harvey's

Science: Apologia General Science

Latin: Latin for the New Millennium (continuing from last year)

Greek: Mounce's Intro. to Biblical Greek

Logic: Art of Argument

P.E.: Fencing

Music: Piano

Art: undecided

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Dd 13/8th....


Bible, The Case For Faith, The Case For Christ (student editions)


CD Alg 1 w/ LOF Beg Alg thrown in for fun now & again


Spanish 2 w/ local class & tutor


English 2 via TPS




LL American selections (no writing, discuss only)


US History via TPS


World Geography via TPS


BJU Physical Science


Intro To Logic (if time allows)


Annotated Mona Lisa, Art Authority on iPad


Choir class


Christian Youth Theater


Piano for youth & children's church worship teams


Wii Fit

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I have a 7th grader this year but I also planned our 8th grade year at the same time so she will be ready for high school. This is our plans


Bible-- Answers Academy (I think)

Math--Chalkdust Algebra 1 and LoF Algebra

English--Applications of Grammer book 2 and finishing Jump In. Something for editing practice

Science-- Apologia Physical Science (with living books to supplement)

Government/Economics- I am still deciding on this--I think I know what we are doing though just have to be sure!

Reading-- Lightning Lit 8 along with the 2nd half of figuratively speaking and something for poetry yet to be determined

Geography--Trail Guide to World geography

Logic-- Thinking Toolbox

Latin-- Latin for Children B

We will be starting Greek this year I just dont know what curriculum

Vocabulary-- Vocabulary Cartoons

P.E.-- Volleyball, dance and possibly karate



It seems like I am forgetting something!

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