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I have lost 10 lbs since my diag. of pre-diabeties/diabetes

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I got my diagnosis about 3 weeks ago that I am just on the line going into diabetes. I cut out all sugar and white foods, started swimming every day. I have lost 10 pounds already and feel great. I have more to lose and get blood tests again the end of Oct. I am really hoping that I can get my blood sugar levels dowm to normal with diet and exercise as I do not tolerant meds well at all. I have also started taking fish oil .

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Great job! Dh had this same experience when he was first diagnosed--cut out starches and simple sugars, ramped up the exercise, lost 20 lbs. While he has gained some of it back he was also able to add whole grains to his diet and an occasional starch without negative effect to his blood sugar.




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