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What's the best way to sell sterling silverware and china?

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I *found* a beautiful set of sterling silverware that I dimly remember getting when I got married. (LOL!) (Let's just say I'm not in to setting a formal table, LOL!)


If I can talk my husband into selling that, how would I go about doing it? E-bay? Craig's List? A local silver buyer person? What?


I have not had good experiences selling things on e-bay. I once tried to sell a $30 book for about $6. Somewhere there's still a dear homeschooler who's furious with me over something that she felt went wrong with the transaction. That cost me so much by the the time I returned her money and her shipping (plus my shipping) (plus I never got the book back), I figured it would be cheaper for me just to give things away in the future.


So, I'm hesitant to try e-Bay again.


Oh, and same question about china. I have two sets of formal china that I could live without. I can't imagine shipping it! But I'd like to sell it.



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Guest Dulcimeramy

About the china...:D do you happen to have pink willow or royal wessex? I counted mine recently and found that I only have 6 saucers left. I think we've moved too frequently.


If you'll name the patterns you might find someone interested here!

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I know, I know, you said "no," but I've purchased tons of my china on e-bay. My china pattern was discontinued between the time that I picked it out and my wedding, but thanks to e-bay, I could now comfortably feed more people than would fit in my house.


I have never had any broken in shipping, and my pattern goes for pretty close to the new price. Serving pieces go for much, much more. Of course, it has been discontinued, but it wasn't that expensive to begin with (it is by Noritake).


I have never purchased any of my silver on e-bay, but only because it costs the same to buy it there as it would cost new. If you have a pattern that has been discontinued, it might go for more than the new price.



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