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Omnibus 1 Question / xpost

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I'm trying to work out at least a rough idea of timing / scheduling for this year for ds (7th grade). We will be using VP Omnibus 1 for the first time, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how they used it on a weekly basis. I see that the TM gives suggestions on how to progress through each day. Did you find that this work, or did you need to tweak it? Also, how did you handle the TM material for each week (the intro / background material) - did you read it to or with your student? Or just use it yourself as background info?


Thanks so much for the help!




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We used Omnibus I for my dds 7th & 9th grades. We scheduled primary sessions daily and secondary sessions 3x weekly. The intro section was read and discussed as part of those sessions. They really are of value to the student as they provide a context for the readings.


BTW, there is enough reading to choke a horse. My 9th grader did well, my 7th grader & I stayed with it—just. We all had a great sense of accomplishment when we finish in June. Omnibus II & III were much more mellow.






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We did the primary readings. The secondary reading we did were done seperately. I pretty much did what was suggested in the TM. Once in a while the readingwas too much, andwe broke it into smaller chunks. Some of the reading is hard, and it just took my son longer. I am more laid back, I figured if we didn't do as many books as I planned, but he had a good understanding of what we had read we'd be better off. We sometimes took a little longer on the writing than suggested, especially the progymnasta.

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