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Strange Amazon Selling ?

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I sold a book on Amazon a few weeks ago. I've got the $ in my account already. The book just showed up on my doorstep return to sender and is marked refused. It was a strange address anyway; to a Detainment facility. But it's the address listed on Amazon. I printed it out, so it's exact. What now? I've been paid for this thing, but I also already paid for priority shipping to mail it. I don't really feel like I should have to pay to send it again, and where would I even mail it??? I don't know what I'm supposed to do now.

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I thought those in "detainment facilities" couldn't receive used books mailed from private parties? Maybe that is why it was returned. I would guess that someone ordered it, thinking it was okay because it was from Amazon, and didn't tealize that it as used or that they couldn't do that.


Amazon just doesn't know what has happened yet. I would contact them and let them know, so that you aren't dinged with a bad review for not sending it. You should be able to keep the cost of shipping, as it wasn't your fault the sale fell through.

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I would suggest contacting Amazon Sellers customer service and find out what you're supposed to do. Maybe they will reimburse you if you have to ship again? You can also contact the buyer by email. Look at the order in your history and see if there is a link. Good luck!

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Wouldn't they know that and not order? Seems they should!


Someone else may have sent it.


Or if the person ordered it themselves....well, people in prison don't always make the best decisions, that is why they are....where they are.

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