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Evaluations done and some MAJOR encouragement.

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We had our first annual evaluation today. In NC, we only had to test (and show no one the results) every year. We used a middle school teacher/asst. principal for our evaluations (who now homeschools.;))


I was nervous. I have 2 children below grade level - significantly so. I included a copy of their evaluations from Florida Tech. She read over those, we discussed them, and she looked at their portfolios. She asked me if I thought their results were accurate (mildly MR, and Borderline IQ with LDs.) I gave her my thoughts.


She said its a good thing we homeschool because the school system would not expect much out of my boys. She said that the school would hold them back rather than push them forward. I told her that I was not willing to settle for a 6th grade level (the expectation for my 9yo) and she agreed.


It's done, she thought all 3 portfolios were good, and we're on to next year!:D

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One other piece of validation:


After looking over my 12yo's portfolio, talking to him, and having him read for her, she asked me if he had been tested for learning disabilities. When I said he had, she asked what they found. When I told her they said he had no learning disabilities, she looked like this ------>:001_huh:




The psychologist who tested him never looked at one work sample. His horrific handwriting and spelling on the WIAT didn't signal anything to her. This former teacher, who spent 15 minutes with my ds, was able to see what I see in him. I really feel like the money to test him was wasted - it would have been better to wait and find someone with more experience (even though it would have cost much more.)


We talked about his mechanical brilliance and she asked if I knew that was a sign of dyslexia.:D

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