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Does it really take an hour to complete each lesson in reading? I decided to start this week with just a few subjects to warm up to a full schedule gradually. My DS did his first R&S reading lesson today and only made it through 3 of the 4 "before you read" workbook pages before I said he could stop for the day. It took him 45 minutes just for that! I was only planning to use it as a supplement to HOD-BLHFHG and now I'm wondering if it's just going to take way too much time since I was also planning to use R&S's phonics and spelling.


I suppose I can just spread each lesson out to 2 days and not make it through the whole book in a year.


I'm also a little concerned that such a formal reading program is going to kill his love of reading at a young age. Anyone use this program and have it work out fine and not kill the desire to read real books?

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