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Plumbing woes-- please pray!!

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We had the plumber here (for almost 4 hours) and he just came out to tell me that there is something blocking the line and he can not break through it. He is going to come tomorrow with his biggest machine, but said he does not think it will help because whatever it is its like hitting a brick wall. He said if he can not break through it tomorrow that we will have to dig up our floors to get to it :eek: :blink: :ohmy: :crying: :cursing: :scared:. That will involve atleast 3 (maybe 5 depending on how the line runs) floors having to be replaced. PLEASE pray that tomorrow the machine will break up whatever the problem is.

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I'll send up a prayer for you. We are having the same issue currently in our rental. As in, we are the renters. I really, really, really do not want to have to pay $$$ to get the plumbing repaired in a mediocre house that doesn't even belong to me. Ugh.


Something like that should be the responsibility of the owner/landlord not the tenant.

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