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Singapore Math CWPs - which one??


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I am confused trying to figure out what to use/buy. I want to use Challenging Word Problems as a supp.


Can you link me to the right series?


I found some on Rainbow and some on CBD (no pics. or availability yet) and they seem different yet they are both labeled Singapore.



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Unfortunately the original CWPs are out of print now :(


This is what is replacing them. I haven't seen them (and haven't seen a thread where anyone has used them and made a comparison to the older series).


There is a series of books available that is called Singapore Challenging Word Problems and is by Frank Shaeffer publishing. From what I've read, you would not want them.


Hope this helps - and maybe someone who's used the newer books will reply as well!


The link is to the Singapore site. I've had good experiences ordering there (some books have been cheaper than at Rainbow) and you can also read their forums and get advice there too.

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