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Holt Geometry Text: which state TX, CA, OH? and some other ?'s

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Hello Jann (or anyone else who can help):


AngieW suggested I change the title line to address you. So I hope this works!


A few questions:


Some used book listings state this is the California edition or Texas edition, etc. Which is better or just stay with the same edition through all the materials and it'll be ok? Next, how will I know which ISBN'S really go together?


What do I need to get 'er done? Some listings have so much material listed that it seems impossible for any one person to slog through it all.


If this has been covered before, I apologize, as I definitely missed it when I searched!


Thanks in advance for your help! :001_smile:


One done and in college with one to go!

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Maybe Jann in TX will pop in and answer for you. Can you still edit your original post? If you can, then click on edit and then "go advanced" and it will let you edit the title. Be sure to put "ATTN: Jann in TX" in the title.


My experience with editing titles is that it will not change the title that shows on the board. The new title will only show when you've already clicked on the thread. (This was my experience some time ago; the outcome may have changed since then.)




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I do not suggest doing this program unless you have the One Stop Planner teacher support software. It WILL take additional planning and is best if the material is taught--not just read or 'watched' (the online lectures). Geometry is one program that is best when students interact with someone else--they need to talk out their 'logic'... not just copy the logic of a teacher.


I suggest staying with the same edition. The state editions will change the order up--or at least the problems in the 'review' sections.


The text I'm using in my online classes is the 2007 edition.

student text: 978-0-030-35828-9


One Stop Planner 0-03-078104-3


A digital version of the TE is included with the One Stop Planner--as well as extra worksheets, tests, quizzes, solutions, answers and a whole lot more.


Again a warning, it is a LOT to wade through if you have not taught Geometry before and do not know what to expect--or what you can omit---or what you can cover--or how much to assign...

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