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Math Fluency

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I have a bright son who is great at math concepts, but he's lacking in math fluency. I bought him a Flashmaster so he can work on getting faster on the basics (+, - for now).


I'm having a hard time deciding how fast is considered fluent. Right now he's taking about 3 seconds/problem on the Flashmaster. Is that fluent? Should I have him keep at it until he's down to 2 seconds/problem?


The reason I'm having him do so much work on this is that his lack of fluency is really, really slowing down how much of our math program he gets done.

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I think 3 seconds per problem is plenty fluent on the flashmaster. You can't type the answers much faster than that and read the problem. I would consider that mastered.


I have my kids start at 9 seconds, and then go to 5 seconds. After that I go to paper and pencil tests - Calculadder.



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