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Sunburn remedies

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Poor guy :(


I'm naturally tanned/darker-skinned, so when I ended up with a white kid it took a few summers for me to learn how to take preventative measures in the sun so he didn't burn. It's just not something my family ever had to worry about until he came along.


To take out the sting -- try a shower as warm/hot as he can tolerate. It'll sting like heck during, but should offer some immediate relief once out of the shower. I also kept cold aloe in the fridge, and applied often throughout the day -- be sure to get pure aloe, not anything with alcohol or other drying ingredients (harder to find, but well worth the search). I always tried to keep the burn area fairly hydrated and "aloed up" to keep it from drying out too much and/or becoming so itchy he'd scratch and hurt.


I hope your son finds quick relief!

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I have always been very fair skinned... and my daughter is a porcelain doll.

My mom used to mix vinegar in my bath water, and then rub me down with aloe mixed with a little bit of cortiszone cream.


DD hasn't had a burn yet, and I have found that the best prevention is putting sunscreen on an hour before you are out in the sun and then reapplying every hour. Make sure you pat him dry before you reapply.

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There are several things that can help (depending on how bad the burn is):


1. Aveeno bath. If you don't have Aveeno, then an oatmeal bath will work too.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar. Pour it onto a paper towel, and dab gently all over.


3. Aloe. We have aloe plants in our yard, but if that's not an option for you, then there are a ton of aloe creams and gels you can pick up from any store.


Severely limit his exposure to sun while his skin heals, and moisturize his skin as much as possible with a cream that has vitamin E in its ingredients. If you can, let him go with as little clothing as possible. Let him run around shirtless with a pair of lightweight cotton shorts.


Poor guy. BTDT my entire life. *hug*

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I ended up with a blistering sunburn a few weeks ago. Here is what I did:


I soaked in a cool bath in which I had added one cup of baking soda and three chamomile teabags.


I made sure to drink water all day long. Hydration is essential.


I applied pure aloe.


After doing some internet searches, I read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar and lavender essential oil, both of which I have on hand. In the mornings I applied lavender oil. I soaked a cotton ball in cool water, put a drop or two of lavender on it, and gently dabbed it all over the affected area. Throughout the day and just before bed I followed the same procedure with acv but put a lot more acv on the cotton ball. With this regimen I noticed healing and pain relief, after the inital sting, immediately. I continued with it until all the blisters had healed and the peeling stopped.


Oh, I also took ibuprofen at night and used cold herbal packs as needed.


Since lavender and acv have been known to be too harsh for children, cold plain yoghurt is another wonderful remedy. I did not want to use mine since I only have a little of my raw milk yoghurt left and had to give up my cow share.


I hope this helps give you some ideas for treating your ds.

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Sorry to hear your ds is in pain. I am apparently a 'sunscreen idiot' because I never seem to get it right; I always miss something. At the beach in May, despite spraying the backs of my legs, they got burned & the skin tightened overnight and they wouldn't bend so I could walk normally. :glare:


I bought some 'after sun' lotion (found along side the sunscreen) and used it to loosen/moisturize, and it also took the sting away. It *really* helped and felt soothing to use, albeit cold at first. I have also used aloe, but found it sticky, which I don't like.


I've never heard of the natural methods that have been mentioned, but I'm definitely making note of them!!


Hope your little guy feels better soon.

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Vinegar in a bath works for me, but I also tan rather easily so it most likely isn't as bad as what you are looking at. My mom and younger sister are very very fair skinned. They burn very easily every year, and they use Noxema - and I've seen my little sister put it in the fridge to cool it down even more before applying.

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My 17yo is suffering through this right now. We went to the water park on Sunday and she neglected to sunscreen her legs (although she did sunscreen everything else) and laid on top of a tube in the wave river from 1:30-3:00pm (prime burning time). It is finally starting to look better, although she still can't stand to have anything touch her legs aside from aloe vera (and spritzes from a water bottle).


She tried vinegar, but it stung. She took one Aveeno bath, but she said it didn't do anything more for her than a regular bath did.


She had to miss her cc class on Monday evening, but she went on Wednesday, even though she was in pain and still couldn't walk well.


I'm hoping she'll be able to walk better tomorrow.

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