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FLL 4 question


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Just had to say that! lol! They are so concise, and really get to the kernal of things - no fluff (though lots of repetition). Love that! Cut to the chase, right?


FWIW, if I'm remembering right, I found that L4 was "more" and "bigger" content-wise than L3 (ovbiously), but much the same in structure and format as L3. I think the scripting in the teacher's manual IS the lesson really, so you really need it IMO. The student workbook just has a bunch of blank spaces on sentence diagrams (or reprints of the poems to memorize, etc.). But the student needs the EXPLANATION of what goes where and why, which comes from the scripting. If doing without anything, I'd do w/out the STUDENT workbook, get the TEACHER'S manual, and have the student write out the diagram frames himself in a blank notebook.


Also FWIW, I generally loathe scripting, but have made an exception for this series! lol! It has strengthened my lightly learned and poorly remembered grammar, along with teaching my kiddos the hard-core stuff of grammar.


HTH and GL! - Stacey in MA

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We use both the FLL-4 student workbook and teacher's book. The student book consists of worksheets to be filled in and marked up during the lesson. So there are blank diagrams for sentence diagramming, sentences printed for the student to circle the preposition, add quotation marks, make editor's marks, etc., poems to be memorized, and more. If you wanted to handwrite all that out (copy all the sentences, draw the blank diagram lines, etc.), you could do without the student book, but that would take a good amount of time on your part.



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