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Geography Favorites


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Anyone care to reveal their geography favorites for 3rd-ish grade? We are currently doing Evan Moore's Daily Geography 3 (after completing 2 last year) and it just seems like more of what we learned last year. We're flying through it and will be done shortly. So, I'm looking for something more.


Anything awesome, different, compelling? What do you love for elementary Geography?

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We love Modern Curriculum Press "Maps, Charts and Graphs" series.


Something we did yesterday...

I have two sets of "flashcards" of various sites around the world - Suez Canal, pyramids, Victoria Falls, Mount Rushmore, etc. I bought one set at GeoMatters - beautiful, high quality cards. The other set is from Target $ area several years ago - nice, but certainly lower quality.

We read the book "Blast Off To Earth" by Loreen Leedy. Then made a map from memory of the continents and oceans, based off the idea in "The Core" by Bortins. After we had those drawn and labeled, we went through the "Blast off" book and drew/labeled different things - such as #1 largest continent through smallest continent, Nile River is longest river, where the Sahara desert is, etc. Then we went through our flashcards and added some of those items to our map. (Just the major ones that we have studied so far.)

I want my son to have a good "mental map" of the world, where he can automatically picture where the Panama canal is vs. the Suez canal, etc.

It was a fun activity, though we ended up spending our entire school time on it! It was actually a good way to "test" DS on his geography knowledge w/o it seeming like a test.

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We have been very happy with Trail Guide to World Geography. As someone has already said, you can make of it what you like and it scaffolded so that you can use it over different grade levels. Other resources we use very often include:

Sheppard Software's free geography games online

Children's Amazing Places (worth tracking down used)

National Geographic's travel website


Those are the best general resources that we have found. There are some country/area specific things that have been great, and I could spend all day talking about those! We are in Northern Europe right now and just read two versions of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. One was traditional and the other was set in Louisiana. Right now the big girls are working on a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the two stories.

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