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Whew! We're back on!

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I was actually *on* at 7 am (1 am EST) here in Germany when all went dark. Tried all day to get back on with no joy! Wondered if someone had hacked in, and if so, how long it would take SWB and crew to repel invaders. Just successfully logged on a few minutes ago (10 pm my time). Rough day today, and I'm glad we're all here together again. It's been awhile since this happened, huh?



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It hasn't been down like that since the server upgrade. It may prompt me to send in a donation to keep things running or maybe just a little something to thank Bob for getting things back up. (he is the webmaster now, right? I didn't just dream that up?)


I guess we could buy some more coffee mugs? Books for friends? :D


I'm glad I am no the West coast and sept through most of it.


Yeah, it went down late last night for me. I was waving my phone around in the air during The Daily Show, thinking I had lost my signal. :tongue_smilie: I realized I could connect to other pages and that the board must be down, so I went to bed. :lol:

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