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Frozen leftovers okay for dog?

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I am cleaning out and shutting down my stand alone freezer. Need to cut energy bills.


I have some old (1 1/2 to 2 year old) freezer burned, frozen, cooked turkey and pork loin. The meat was cooked with salt and spice rub on the outside, but the shredded stored meat has not been seasoned and does not have any sauce.


I also have several freezer burned (solid lumps:tongue_smilie:) of mixed veggies.


I was planning to throw it out but then I wondered if I could thaw it out, mash it together, add a little rice and feed it to my dog. I would put it small portions and feed it to him a little at a time along with his regular food.


Has anyone tried this? I looked at a 'dog safe food' site and did not see any problem other than that the salt on the meat.


Thanks for any advice or experience. I won't be offended if someone says this is a bad idea. :001_smile:

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