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I'm tired, but that was fun!

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So, I sent out a random invite to about 15 of my friends who have homeschooled kids middle school age and older. . . . .


There were 7 of us altogether. We ate some chocolate, agonized over kids who aren't motivated, shared strategies and inspirational reads, talked about turning 40, prayed for our dear friend battling cancer, discussed the various "factions" of homeschooling, talked about dogs, teenaged boys, Boy Scouts, adoption, whether or not girls should go to college, dark chocolate, following a "formula" in parenting, the grace of God, and organization.


It's 11:40ish. My last 3 friends just left.


I haven't done this in over a year. It was - much needed.


And they left their chocolate ;)


One of the things we talked about is finding the joy again in our homeschooling - doing something that keeps our tanks filled and our engines running, kwim?


For me, it's having nights like this - once in a while - where we can just be together, encouraging one another. I need to do it more often.


I feel so blessed to have these women in my life. Really.


SO - what do you do to "keep the joy"?


Sharing virtual dark chocolate with y'all. . . . . . .

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That sounds wonderful! A friend and I started a once a month group two years ago. We gather in her living room with as many as 15 ladies each month and discuss a particular topic. We do that for an hour or two, drinking tea and relating, then we break for just plain old fellowship. It's something I look forward to throughout the school year. :)

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