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Social Studies for 2nd Grade


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Okay, when I say Social Studies, I don't mean history so much (we are doing SOTW1) but geography, citizenship, etc....I need some assistance. I have a few things already that don't cover it ALL for second grade social studies, but I'm looking for suggestions that are more comprehensive. And if not that, just some suggestions! LOL! I was debating the Homeschool Ponies curriculum, Volume 1, a Nonfiction Reading Comprehension book for grade 2, and some internet resources I found.


btw, We are doing Galloping the Globe, With a cultural spin, so I guess I need US geography ideas- games, books, etc. I have a Ker that will come along for the ride.


I forgot to say that my DD received her ITBS scores, and she did very well. Social Studies was the lowest, and so I really want something that will help this in the future. She loves the subject and we did cover it pretty good for first grade, but for some reason, the test score showed the lower average on that subject.


I was also thining of getting a Scott Foresman Social Studies program that a school would use.


Thoughts? :):):)

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For my 2nd grader, what we are studying geography along with STOW 1. I think it will give her more context to learn about geography with relation to history. It makes a lot of sense for both of us to do it this way.


Here are some of the things I've done/do used/use in everyday life:



  • http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/
  • The Scrambles States of America book and board game
  • tape maps on doors and children's play space
  • display a globe in a prominent place in our home
  • geography memory game



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FWIW, the 1st and 2nd grade ITBS social studies sections are REALLY strange. My son had relatively poor social studies scores of 30 percentile points below his composite score. This year the test format changed and the ridiculous pictures are no longer there. And his score went up markedly and was the same as the composite. So once you get to the 3rd grade test, things might miraculously improve.

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I bought a social studies workbook from RR. I wanted to round out our history reading with some easy to implement "social studies". The best word I can use to describe the workbook is "lame" but it will do the trick and was only $7.50!




(search for "core skills social studies" if the link doesn't work!)

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I would not be too worried about the test scores for SS. And I would say that between history w/ some geography thrown in, and not being sheltered, she will be fine.


If you don't keep her home all the time, she will learn a lot. And then expose her to just enough news items to bring up discussions. If there is something you either (a) can't answer thoroughly or (b) she's more interested in - find some books @ the library. Other than that, I think just living life in the real world in a community will help a lot.


My ds (almost 7) asks a lot of questions and we just discuss the various things. He understands (in a limited sense) the office of the president, the senate and house of reps. Who the mayor and governor is. How voting works.


He knows the community jobs and how they work (fireman, policeman, etc - easy stuff but stuff they include in a lot of K or 1st grade curric, even for HSers). He understands the basic process of farm to table in regards to food.


All this is done just by discussion and books from the library as needed. No curric required. :)

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FWIW, the 1st and 2nd grade ITBS social studies sections are REALLY strange.

I remember one of the questions (several years ago) was along the lines of, "Which of the following jobs would your parents hired done for them?"

Options where something like: changing oil in car, painting outside of house, mowing lawn or building a fence.

When I asked my urban neighbor, she answered, "All of the above!"

When I asked my brother (a farmer), he said, "None of the above!"

Which confirmed my belief that it was very much a regional and economic issue, not something that a 2nd grader could really get "right" or "wrong."


I will also say -- if you are homeschooling using a classical method and not a standard scope and sequence, your child probably hasn't been exposed to many of the topics included in lower elementary standardized tests. Your child will come out ahead in the long-term, but in the short-term may not test well.

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I also wouldn't worry about Social Studies grades, I think that real history/geography/real life is going to come out on top in the end, but in the early grades I always found World Book Course of Study to be helpful in deciding what to study.




This is what it lists for 2nd

* Holidays and festivals

* Patriotic celebrations

* Communities in other lands: past and present

* Family and family history

* Families around the world

* Neighborhoods

* Community services and helpers

* Shelters, stores, and food

* Citizenship and social responsibility

* Interdependence of people

* Basic geography: oceans, continents

* Map skills


And 1st

* Holidays, traditions, and customs

* Our American Heritage

* Different cultures at different times

* Family, school, neighborhood, community

* Farm and zoo

* Neighborhood helpers

* Jobs and careers

* Social skills and responsibilities

* Basic geography terms

* Making and reading a simple neighborhood map

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