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What are the names of the "reality" tv shows...

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that were "historical". There was one set in colonial times and one I think set in England in the 1800's maybe. I know I am being vague, but I really can't recall. :tongue_smilie:


In the colonial one some people were indentured servants, one guy was the governor, they dressed in the times, I think they may even had to build their lodging. Is this ringing a bell? :confused:

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There is also one set during WWII from the BBC called 1940s House.


There was also one set in an iron age village in England. I was less fond of this one. I thought that it was so far outside the experience level of the families that it was rather a set up to put them into the situation. It was more like survivor than anything exploring what life would have really been like.


My favorite is actually the German production that parallelled 1900s House. They picked people who already had a background that suited them for their new position. So the couchman really did know about horses, the housekeeper was a chef who owned restaurants. The main family were a pair of doctors. It allowed the people to explore how their own lives would have been different in another era rather than focusing on how to cope with a total upheaval.

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I LOVED all the "House" shows. So much. There was also one put on by the Canadian Broadcasting Company where a few couples committed to an entire year of living on the frontier. It was amazing because they really had to live that way for so long.


What was the name of the German one? And the Iron age one? Thanks in advance.

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