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Art for 2 1/2 year old


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What kind of art do you let your 2 1/2 or 3 year old do? My toddler is a budding little artist. He loves his crayons and water colors. I haven't been brave enough yet to bring out other types of paints. Do you have any tips for managing the mess and cleanup?


My ds right now enjoys:



water colors



What else are you doing as far as art with your little ones?





mom to Micah (7) and Agi (2.5)

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My children are much older than your little one, but as a mom, grandmother and art teacher I would like to encourage you. I'd suggest that you keep it very simple, even up to the age of 4-5. More advanced and involved, projects are not always what is best for kids. And some projects require skill and ability that little just aren't ready for, such as cutting with scissors. The development of motor skills required for successful cutting only comes along around the age of 6-7.


When very young children are participating in art activities, it should be all about learning to hold the tools correctly, how to dip and rinse, make marks on paper as well as learn to create shapes and use colors. Finger paints, tempera and watercolor painting are good as long as they don't eat the paint. Washable markers are good, as are crayons and fat pencils. Another idea is sponges and q-tips as an alternate to brushes with paint. Using some play dough is fun for them too, as it is very tactile and little ones just love that. One other idea is stamping with rubberized stamp blocks or cut potatoes that you provide. All of these things should be done only with direct supervision of course. (My own dd got into the Playdough once when I wasn't looking and put some up her nose! We ended up in emergency that day and it was not fun.)


So, to sum it up, I'd say keep it simple. Most of the kindergarten age students I work with are by then pretty comfortable with paints, pencils, crayons, and markers. Most of them have trouble cutting with scissors, and are just beginning to be able to use tape and glue successfully.


I hope this helps. Have lots of fun with your little one!





P.S. I use newsprint "placemats" for art projects for students k-8. It really helps with cleanup. Keep everything contained in one place and do not compromise on that. :~)

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Guest Alte Veste Academy

I liked the concepts in Young at Art. The only thing that I couldn't handle was keeping every single piece of art that three kids produce. We have a weight allowance and only so much storage space!

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At that age my son really enjoyed making sticker pictures. I had to peel them off for him and stick it on the end of his finger, but he would put it on the paper by himself. Sometimes he would color the paper first with scribbles of all different colors and then put stickers everywhere. He also enjoyed sidewalk chalk at about 3yrs. Bathtub crayons were a big hit for quite a few years, but make sure you clean your tub right after! We used to be able to buy chunky ones, but I haven't seen them in a while. Ds also really loved BIG paper. We would get some butcher paper from the educational store and he would sit in the middle of it and scribble all over. We also used rubbing plates. I used to hold the paper for him and he would rub the crayon with a little help. That's all I can remember at the moment. Boy I miss those days!

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