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Diff. between SOTW editions?


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This used to be posted on the peace hill site, but I can't find it right now.


There are very few differences.


The words of the text didn't change. So either CD works with either book, just depends on who you like reading better.


The format of the book changed some. Better maps and drawings, a slight change to how some of the bible stories are included (just a font change I think), and some chage to how the dates are included. (I think the original just has a little note to the teacher at the end of each chapter, but the revised has a list of dates in the back too.)


The activity guide has the same questions, projects, and activies, BUT the new graphics are so much better. We are using the old activity guide with the new student pages and the new maps are much better. The coloring pages and many of the activity pages have been updated too. But it is still the same info and maps of the same area.

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