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How much to pay mommy's helper?

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$3 - $5 /hr depending on how effectively she keeps your dd entertained. Perhaps set it at $3/hr and tip/round up if she does a great job. (This is based on $10/hr for a competent adult sitter in my town.)


Also, have lots of junk food for the 10 yo to eat around, lol. That was my favorite benefit of babysitting as a 10-12 yo. :) (Within reason, of course. Natural popsicles and lemonade if the mom is particular. . . Hohos and doritos if she isn't.)

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WOW! $3-5 for a mommy's helper who is 10yo, seems very generous. When I was babysitting as a high schooler and college student. I was always booked with jobs, I thought because the kids loved me, but maybe it was because parents loved me. I only got $2.50 and hour!

I bet she'll be thrilled to work for you!

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Thanks everyone! I'm still waiting for her mom to call me. She was the big kid helper at my DD's preK summer playtime program. My DD fell in love with her. The preK teacher thinks the girl will be thrilled and so will her mom so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My boys are w/ the grandparents so my DD is lonely. I need some serious time this week to finish the packing and would like her to have some fun as well.


Her mom just called! She's coming over tomorrow for 3hrs. I'll pick her up and then drop her off at a friend's house for the afternoon. DD is very excited. I asked the Mom about paying her but she never said anything so I'll just offer her $10 and tip if she's fantastic for the 3 hours. She used to play on the soccer team DH coached until it split into boys and girls teams at the travel level and she went to preK with my oldest DS. Her DD is very excited as well.



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