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French materials for child in dual language program?

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Here's my issue, and I would love the advice of the wise parents here.


My 6YO is in a dual-language program. Last year, the program was comprised of over 60% completely fluent (as in native/two french parents/French spoken exclusively at home) and the rest (like my son) English speakers. The issue is, when they do French, (every other day), they REALLY do French, in a way I imagine schools in Paris would teach. Because these kids are fluent, they are not learning the language as such. So during that time, I very much feel like my son is lost. Completely lost, staring at the ceiling. We are invested in this program and will stick to it, but I need to make it better for him. What I intend to do this fall is:

--ask the teacher in advance for the "Word of the Day" list for the week. We can practice a tiny bit at home so at least he can follow along and maybe have one sentence ready if he feels brave

--weekend French language class at FIAF fall semester. If this goes well, we continue year round. If not, I am considering a tutor.

--I will try to read him baby books in French--I am at a basic level myself but learning more every weekend.


Are there any French materials/workbooks you recomend? I afterschool (just math, and the proposed French plans above; we also read a lot but I do not consider that afterschooling). I saw someone mention the Kindergarten french book--I'd love a recomendation for the name/brand. Many thanks in advance.

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Usborne has a bunch of French language lesson books. I have "First Picture French" for DD and it helps her learn words with the help of pictures. I know they have books that are along the lines of "First 1000 Words in French", etc. Don't have the titles exactly right.


Have you considered Rosetta Stone or something like that to help him ramp up? It might give him confidence.

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