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I just looked at my schedule for this next month and I am about ready to cry.

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My dd who made the volleyball team has practice or a game every single week day. If she makes the city league it will be every Saturday as well. This dd is having a back to school party this Saturday. They still need socks, bras and undies for school, plus additional volleyball wear now. I have additional appts. eight days of the month, visitors for one week and two trips out of town. My son is getting married on the 4th and my dd's birthday is on the 5th of next month. All vet still needs trips to the vet. Oh and my hubby is traveling this month for the first time in six months. Moods are still not back on track but I could sure use a manic phase right now. :crying:

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:grouphug: That is a lot! All I can say is take it one day at a time. Looking at the full month IS overwhelming. Just try to see what is on the agenda for tomorrow and go from there.




But first, take a nap -- you deserve one!


I would be absolutely overwhelmed if I had your schedule, so all I can do is send you some :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:



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