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Experienced bakers: Sourdough recipes for a bread maker..

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These recipes are not for a bread machine, but seriously, these are probably even easier. Check out the Breadtopia website.


Also, post a question over on TheFreshLoaf message boards. I know someone there will be able to answer any questions you may have. The boards are VERY active. While I'd say the majority of the bakers there would not use a bread maker (not because of some snobby reason) just because it's an artisan baking board and we love to touch our dough :) ...but they have a LOT of knowledge, and very little attitude ;) and I'm know that someone would be able to answer your question.


Also, do you have an active starter that is fed and ready to use? If not, and you want to build a starter, the lessons on The Fresh Loaf are helpful. If you like books, any Peter Reinhart book (I recommend The Bread Baker's Apprentice as a first book as it is so comprehensive) will have detailed info about building your old healthy wild yeast starter (it takes up to two weeks, though).


Finally, you could call King Arthur's bread hotline or use the online chat -- they are REALLY knowledgable and very helpful!

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