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Quick! Give me some advice on an illness question

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OK, Hive - what say you?


Dd17 is running a ballet camp in our house all week. Yesterday afternoon, she started feeling nauseaus (I SO cannot spell that word). Continued until 11 pm, when she was finally able to sleep. Never threw up.


This morning, I woke her up to see if we could have camp today. Says she feels better, but is weak and shaky. She's eating an egg & toast right now.


We've never canceled ballet camp in the 4 years we've run it. . . . but I'm REALLY leaning strongly toward canceling today, and offering parents a free DVD of the performance to make up for it (we usually charge $5).


Thoughts? Opinions? my dh is at work & unreachable for an opinion. . .

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If it were my dd going to ballet camp, I'd love to see it postponed a week so the chance of giving the illness to all the kids is reduced.


Dd would be highly disappointed. It would probably be all she talked about for a week so her opinion would be for your dd to medicate up and get on with it. She will take her chance so catching it. Who knows she might miss the fist day of school.


I'm kidding. But it would be a big disappointment to her.


You have to do what is best for your dd. If that means canceling or postponing then do it. I hope she feels better soon.



PS - How are you doing with your aspartame detox?

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