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I can't take it anymore!!!!

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This heat is doing me in. I can't go outside, I can't be in my flower garden, talk to the chickens, throw the ball for the dogs!!!


I try to go out and I literally (yes literally) melt on the ground, the girls come out and sop me up with a sponge and take me back inside. It isn't pretty.


I can't breathe **gasp**choke***................I can't riiiiiiide! Wah.


Someone do something!!!

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It likely isn't as hot here as it is by you but we just had our hottest July on record and it was HUMID as well. You know, 77 with 85% humidity at 7am does NOT make for great riding weather.


That was one deciding factor in sending my horse to the trainer 1 1/2 weeks ago. He is there for a tune up but it is nice as the trainer has an indoor with shade, etc. and can ride him early or late with fans going, etc.


We already have the bombers out---those HUGE biting flies that nothing stops and tons of deer flies. Maybe I will get to ride again when the snow flies.

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I can't take it either. I'm just sick of it. Today was 100* with heat index of 113*. I could have sworn I stepped in gum twice today, but nope--- it was just my sandals sticking to the asphalt in the parking lot at Target. :glare:


The humidity is just so bad. I feel like I'm drowning. Hubby, too, and he's not one to complain about humidity.


At 7:00PM I went out long enough to grab some tomatoes & cucs (30 feet from my back door) and was eaten alive by mosquitoes--- 11 bites.


It's almost 9:00 and still 85* with heat index of about 94*. Last night at 10:00, the weather guy said we still felt like 95*.


I haven't been outside to do anything more than walk to the car/to the store in months. I tried going to the pool but it's too hot to breathe, so there is no joy in that.


And to think we still have all of August to go--- 102* tomorrow with heat index of 115*. What a joy. We just had the second hottest July on record.


And we don't get nice falls or springs, so we're liable to go straight from this hot mess into the rainy "fall", then rainy, miserable winter and straight back to the hot & humid summer. We used our patio twice last fall and not once this spring. Makes me want to cry.


I HATE the weather here!!! It didn't used to be like this!

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