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For those who have used Phonetic zoo


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Can you tell me what the program is like for your child? I am considering switching from AAS to PZ, just because I am thinking I might need something less teacher intensive. Part of me is thinking, "If it isn't broken, why try to fix it?" but then I am also trying to figure out some lessons that are less teacher intensive since I am adding another student to the mix this year. Thoughts?:bigear:


What do you like/dislike about the program? Does your student complete it independently? Can you give me an idea about what a lesson looks like in your school?

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We've used both AAS and PZ.


My ds (4th grader) started using it towards the end of 2nd grade but is still on Level A. We are working through it slowly and not doing it every day. I like it a lot because it is not teacher intensive and he really learns from it. A lesson for us looks like this:


I read through the new rule and word list with him. He sits at the computer (we use mediaplayer) with headphones and listens to the cd as he writes the words in a color of pen he has chosen. Then he chooses a different colored pen and rewrites the words next to the words he has just written as he listens to the corrections on the cd. The next day, same routine except I only go over the words he has missed with him. If he gets his list correct two times in a row, then he moves onto the next list.


We really like the program, but one of the gentleman's voices on the cd makes my son laugh a lot. He likes imitating him.


AAS did not work with this ds. He needed more/mostly auditory learning for this subject. However, AAS works beautifully with my younger ds who needs more kinesthetic learning.


I am pretty sure that Andrew Pudewa suggests using AAS with the younger crowd before moving them to PZ.


Hope this helps! :001_smile:

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