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Basic Recipes

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I'm working on coming up with a "Bare Bones" Cook book for myself and for my kids. Really basic stuff for when I'm not feeling creative and also recipes that I want my kids to know how to make when they leave home. So what recipes do you think every one should know? (Oh and we are a "low-gulten" family).


Here is what I have so far:






Chicken/ shrimp/or tuna Salad



Chicken soup

Pot Roast

“Meat and Potatoes” (Chicken, Steak, Pork Chops

Chrispy Chicken (ie Fried Chicken but baked not fried)

Beans and Rice


baked beans


Baked Chicken


So what am I missing?



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Be sure to include omelets. They can be prepared with so many different fillings. I also want my daughters to be able to put a complete meal on the table. My 13 yo dd certainly can but my 10 yo has trouble timing the various components so everything is ready at the same time. When she's preparing dinner, we usually have multiple courses.


Both my girls have "signature" dishes. My older daughter's is chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries. It is fabulous and gets her many compliments. My younger DD makes very good omelets. Having dishes their friends like and they make well has helped their confidence in the kitchen immensely.

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