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What do I need to add on to my RightStart manipulatives for level C?


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We're getting ready to start C, and according to the Alabacus site, I need the following:


Centimeter Cubes


4-in-1 Ruler

Drawing Set

Fraction Charts


I have some multicolored centimeter cubes that connect, and I have plenty of basic rulers. I also have pattern blocks, but I'm not sure if those are generally the same as tangram shapes.


Is there some reason to buy the RS version of all these things, or can I make do with what I have? What IS essential to buy from them?




ETA: I have the manual and worksheets already thanks to my lovely friend :D

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Centimeter Cubes - what you have will work fine, these are used for visual reinforcement in a few lessons only.


Tangrams - you could make these from cardstock, paper would hold up in the few hands on lessons these are used for.


4-in-1 Ruler - this is an essential tool and can be purchased anywhere office/school/drafting supplies are sold , this tool will get more use through the years as well.


Drawing Set - this contains 4 pieces of which 3 are essential; the 45 & 30/60 triangles and the t-square are the essentials. the 4th piece is a goniometer and those lessons could be dropped if you didn't want to use that tool (i think the goniometer plays a partial role in 2 lessons?). i don't think missing the exposure to the goniometer tool is very crucial. the triangles can be purchased anywhere office/school/drafting supplies are sold as can a t-square. i do know it can be difficult to find the size of t-square used in the RightStart kit and that size is VERY nice to have for this program, regular sized t-squares would be extremely awkward. the pieces in this kit are used much more extensively than the centimeter cubes and tanagrams. these essential tools will get more use through the years as well too.


Fraction Chart - this could be printed on paper and would hold up to the few hands on/visual reinforcement lessons this chart is used for. i've never looked to see if one already existed on the net somewhere for printing?


Since I have such a hard time simply offering facts without opinion :tongue_smilie: I will also say that we LOVE this program (we've used it for 5 years w/ multiple children) and I have multiple sets of triangles, t-squares, compasses and 4-1 rulers. Seems everyone likes these tools for so many different applications - they get used most frequently just because the kids want to draw and like to use them!

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wait!............ i forgot about the drawing board in the Drawing Set. an alternative could be used (book, corner of table, etc.) however the boards are EXTREMELY handy - they did not have these when we purchased our materials from RightStart so we've bought different boards over time at various office/school/drafting supply stores.


yes, i am a junkie for drawing boards and drawing tools. drawing boards are so much nicer than clipboards in my opinion (sharper edges, clip doesn't take up part of drawing space or 'mark' the drawing paper, wider drawing surface.....)


oh, and i'll bet you'll want to have a role of masking tape! (drafting tape works better but if you take regular masking tape and stick it to any surface first & then use it to tape down your drawing paper the masking tape will come up nicely without ripping your paper when you are through)


i am sure this is more information than you really wanted but it's not often i get to expound on the glories of drawing tools!:lol:

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The 4-in-1 rule is nice to have b/c it's the only ruler I've found anywhere, even online, that has tenths of an inch. I even looked for one to just print. One time I did make one out of paper to use in a pinch.


Tangrams are fun to play with anytime but you can make them out of cardstock. I think there is a pattern in RS or else you can print them online.


Well, you could put together the drawing set at Staples but it's probably easier to just buy the drawing set from RS. It's used extensively in RS D and E.


Fraction chart is used quite a bit. You can make one yourself. I don't like the flimsy one RS used to sell b/c once you cut them apart, they curled up and then didn't fit together so nicely. I would love to have the wooden fraction chart.


LOL I had my post up so long w/ distractions I see someone else posted!




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