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Brainstorming for logic age car schooling


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My ds11 is going to be spending 8 hours (4 hours each way) every 2-3 weeks commuting to his new guitar teacher for lessons. (He is something of a prodigy, and this is the ultimate teacher. . . and yes, it will be worth it!)


So, I want to have a solid plan for car schooling for him. (The dds will be at home, they can easily school independently that day.)


Can you help me brainstorm subjects? He get car sick reading, so unfortunately, he'll be limited in reading. A few minutes at a time of a worksheet or flashcards would work fine, but any lengthy reading will make him queasy.


His curriculum includes:


SL Core 7 (includes SOTW 3 & 4)

Galore Park Spanish SYRWTL level 1

Thinkwell Int Algebra

Galore Park Science SYRWTL level 1

MCT Voyage Level -- all subjects


So far, I plan to do:


1) SOTW on CD & related tests -- 2 or 3 weeks worth. We could do 4-6 chapters this way, doing 2 or 3 each direction.

That'd use up about an hour each direction. So, we still have 6 hours to use up!


2) music listening -- say an hour each direction. So, now we're down to 4 hours to fill up.


3) Maybe some MCT vocab flashcards. 15 minutes max. He usually learns them all well just doing the exercises/reading, so this is going to be limited.


The only other things that are coming to me are literature on CD/mp3, maybe some spanish flashcards, and, umm, well, I can't think of much else. I will get some of the SL7 titles on mp3 and I already have some other good lit on mp3, so maybe I should just focus on doing that for the remaining time?


Any brainstorms I am missing?



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I'd try to find some Spanish audio to listen to. Depending on his previous Spanish exposure, Michel Thomas CDs (or another such program), or songs, or audiobooks, or the audio from Think Spanish, etc.


If you don't already have something in mind for music, you could use one of the Teaching Company's sets.


Do you do memory work? Poetry memorization? Maybe 15-30 minutes of memory work/listening to poetry/reciting poetry each way.


Otherwise I think finding most of your SL selections as audiobooks would be the best thing.

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I'd listen to some classic literature in the car, and chat about it. There is lots to choose from -- Sherlock Holmes, Jules Verne, Jack London, Mark Twain. And, as I'm a musician, I would listen to music that I am studying or to musicians I admire.


The thing about planning to make that car time into school time is that your ds may need mental down time, especially after his lesson. He may just want to be quiet for an hour and let the lesson sink in. Shoot, there are times in the car I just want it quiet so I can focus on the crazy traffic!


My kids and I listen to books in the car -- we're in Southern California and have easily been in the car for 8 hours a week -- just not all in one trip!! We also listen to NPR and discuss current events or the interviews we hear. Car time is also a great time for simply connecting. You'd be surprised at the conversations that pop up out of nowhere.


A think a combination of school stuff, good audio books, good music, and simply being quiet or chatting will fill up the hours. It may turn into some really special memories!

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Thanks, all, for the ideas and insights! The driving is a bit daunting to me, and I appreciate the input!


your ds may need mental down time, especially after his lesson. He may just want to be quiet for an hour and let the lesson sink in.


Oh, thank you for reminding me of this! I think I will plan for schooling on the way there. . . and relaxing on the way home. That might be a great plan and would motivate ds to work on the way there as well.

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