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Inquiry in Action


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I have not used it but I love the looks of it. My children were too old when I first discovered it.


I have often thought it would be fun to use in a small group or co-op. I have taught small classes before and done some of the same activities that are in the book. The explanations look complete. Good background material is available for the teacher.


So, no I haven't used it but I want to. Hope that helps a little bit.


Ruth in NC

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Corraleno is your person for this; hope she chimes in.


I had Inquiry for Action when dd was in early elementary school and we used it for a few of the experiments. But I think dd was too young; she wanted to play around more and not be restricted by following the instructions to the letter and making the very specific types of observations called for. So I think it would have been better if she were a few years older.

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Guest Adam Boyd

Hi, I'm Adam Boyd, I work at the American Chemical Society, specifically in the Office of K-8 science, which developed Inquiry in Action. I noticed we were getting a fair amount of referral traffic from these forums, so I decided I'd chime in on relevant posts as I can.


I'm sure it's not the same as a testimonial, but I'm happy to answer any questions you have about Inquiry in Action.


Also, I'm going to start another thread on the topic, but we just finished up another book intended for middle school students, that's something like a companion to IIA for older students. As always, all the content is free, and the entire book can be downloaded at www.middleschoolchemistry.com.

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