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writing with ease vs first language lessons

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I am beginning classical hs with my 7 year old who doesn't really like writing. I am wondering what is the difference between writing with ease and first language lessons. do i need both? what are the strengths of each?





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Generally, yes. However, I am not going to use WWE with FLL1 with my DD. I didn't start DS on WWE2 til the end of last year, but I will probably start DD when she does FLL2. I think it depends on their writing ability. I don't think they need it in first grade when they are still learning to write. There is copywork in FLL, so you don't have to use WWE yet. You can start with WWE2 a little later when he likes to write more. Or, if you just want him to practice more, you can do both. I feel like I haven't made DS write enough and his handwriting is awful...but it might be no matter what.

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First Language Lessons is for grammar. Writing with Ease is for writing. We use both. They're both very gentle for the first two years, neither require creative thinking. For the first year there will be copywork and narration, eventually dictation gets added in and eventually copywork drops off (around 2/3 grade).


I found that they work together well. You can drop the copywork/dictation exercises from FLL if you're using WWE.

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I just got done making copies of all the student pages in the WWE level 1 wb for my 7yr old. We completely changed our grammar/l.a./writing curriculum just a few weeks ago to WWE and FLL. I plan on doing the FLL 1 with both my dd's but having my oldest do the WWE student pages while I'll have my 5yr old do some fun and more her level and age copywork I made up for her.


I dug around on this forum and asked TONS of mama's the same question you asked and after looking I really found out that it's def. personal preference.


FLL is grammar

WWE is writing


However FLL has copywork/writing practice in it but it's not prepared for you as you are able to get from WWE. For me having a toddler and 2 school ages kids I wanted as much open and go curriculum I could get so I spent the money on the WWE WB and spent the 35min standing and copying all the student pages. That way we'll be able to reuse the WB for my 2 other children for copying as well. I just put her student pages that I copied from the WWE WB into a $0.75 3 ring binder :D


Let me add CAN make up your own copywork easy enough on your own paper, free printable papers and ect...however it depends on how much time you have to prepare and unfort. with 3 kids and preparing the entire year in a filing system and getting the workbox system together I simply didn't have the energy or time left to prepare proper copywork.

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