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How would you use this window seat?

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I have a window seat in my dining room that has storage inside it. The storage area is 14 1/2 inches wide by 103 inches long. That's as decent amount of space. The problem is that it is accessed via a hinged door on the top of the window seat. The opening is only 10 inches wide by 58 inches long. The opening is centered and the sides of the storage area are reachable but not easily. The opening is so narrow that it also limits what can be put in there.


So, what would you use this space for? I'm looking for ideas.


If case it matters, my dining room and living room are kind of like a great room. They are separated by a 12 foot wide opening and walls that are only 6 inches long. So, this window seat is in the main living area.

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Could you ask the people who are working on your home to create access from the front? It doesn't have to be fancy, but it could make it a lot more user friendly. Another idea is to remove the front wood entirely, except for supports of course, and make that area into bookshelves. Makes for a convenient spot to sit and read. :)


If you wanted to work with it as is, I'd think about storing pillows, throws, things of that sort.

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Extra pans like cookie sheets?

Wrapping paper and supplies?

Kites? (we have large kites that are in tubes)

Documents like taxes that you don't need to get to often? Magazine files or even cut cereal boxes would make it easy to get them in/out of the opening.

Odd size books/documents like maps/posters? (mailing tubes would protect them)

Holiday decorations?

Add a lock and store presents in there?

Boxes like these for misc household items, craft supplies, trinkets, collections?

Seasonal clothing/shoes?

Extra long items like curtain rods, pool sticks, light bulbs, flag poles etc.

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We had a window seat like that in my house growing up. We kept all our board games and puzzles in there with a nice comfy cushion on top. It was actually really easy to get the games out even though the 'door' wasn't full length.


In my parents room the window seats (ran the whole length of the wall except where the closet was) was where my mom kept extra sheets and comforters.

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Have you seen Arsenic and Old Lace? That was an inappropriate use of a window seat. Sorry couldn't resist.:lol:


:lol: Thanks.



I'd love to make the opening wider but that's going to have a wait awhile. We don't have the money for something like that. I think we'd have to add supports and use thinner wood. The current top is thick and the door is very heavy.


I like the bookshelf idea, too...for when I don't have a baby who'd pull of the books out. I have my curriculum bookshelf blocked off right now. :glare:


Many of our games don't fit and I'd like to keep them altogether.


Right now it is full of junk...unfinished crochet projects and misc. other junk. I have no idea what is actually in there. Obviously, it's all stuff we don't need. Blankets sound good. We have a bunch of throws that can never get folded and put back nicely (they are out where they can be seen). Being able to toss them where they wouldn't be seen would be nice.

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