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I am interested in using IEW materials this year.

We are studying Medieval history and thought this may be a good writing program. Any advice on 1st or 2nd edition? What else would I need? Do I really need to buy the intensive A?

Anyone have these for sale?

Thanks! :)

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I am planning on using Medieval this year and have not used intensive A or any other IEW stuff (I have watched the DVDs though). HOD is including Medieval in their line up this year and the author said that was very self explanatory that you did not need to watch the DVDs are have any prior experience with IEW. HTH Cant help you with the editions though. I have the first one.

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If you use a theme-based lesson then you do not need the writing intensive. The SWI-A (or B or C depending on the age of your dc) is a dvd based course where you have your kids watch Mr. Pudewa teach a room full of kids and give assignments then you stop the dvd and do the assignments. Then, the dvd will pick back up and he'll read some of the kids work and move on to the next lesson. You still do all the brainstorming and grading and revising with your kids. The first year we used IEW (last year) the SWI was very effective for my kids but you don't need both the intensive and the theme-based lessons.


Last year I watched the TWSS dvds then did SWI-B with my 5th and 7th graders. Along with that we used a few of the Ancient-History based lessons when I wanted to stay on a particular lesson for another week and needed a "model" for the kids to write from (since I got it at the CBD warehouse sale for $5:)). It was a great combination! I have the Medieval-Based lessons on hand to intersperse with several other things next year as we'll be doing the Middle Ages in history.


If you've never used IEW before I would highly recommend watching the TWSS dvds. Not necessarily buying them, if you can avoid it! I borrowed a friend's copy, many people have said their library has them so look into that first! But, it gives such a nice overview of the program and the philosophy behind it.


If you use Medieval theme lessons there's nothing else you'd need. I didn't find a second workbook for my second child to be necessary, we did our work on notebook paper and typed it up on the computer.


Can't help with 1st or 2nd editions, sorry. You could call them, their customer service was excellent when I called! Their # is on their website www.excellenceinwriting.com



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