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Lials vs AoPS

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Twin sons, 14yr, finished LOF up to Linear Algebra (2/3 way through Advanced Algebra). They took an online Latin course Henle (Memoria Press) and did extremely well. They enjoyed their online course and the verbal interchange with both teacher and students. The oral reinforcement of ideas is very help for them. I see this whenever we have a guide at an exhibit or watching a video at a national park. It was nice having flexibility to which chat to attend during the week plus having the classes available for review afterwards. They are self motivated and I like having structure of a class, especially one as important as this one.


They will be taking an Algebra Placement test for the private high school they will be attending Fall 2011. The text used at the school for Algebra 1 is Mary Dolcaniani's Structure & Method. Which online series would you suggest? Are there others I should consider? I have a strong math background but prefer in this instance to have a class for them to participate in.




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Now I know you are looking on info for Algebra classes but here's my take on them for Algebra II level work....


My eldest son used Lial's Intermediate Algebra along with the DVT's I found online. The DVTs were great as they went over the lesson with built-in pauses for the student to work out an example then return to the DVT to see how the instructor worked it. The solutions manual was great - it showed the answers step-by-step. I found my son could do this independently. My youngest will do that this year as it worked out well for us.


This year my eldest did the AoPS Intro to Counting & Probability then Intro to Number Theory. I liked the concept of their courses.... however.......only 3 or 4 other kids in the class posted the weekly problems so there wasn't any "student interaction" at all during the week, the teacher's did respond if pm'd directly within a "day or so", the classes were large (over 50 students) so the weekly on-line class made it hard for direct participation but I'd repeat the experience with my younger child because the class schedule in demanding (and the work demanding a high level of thinking) and that I think is a good experience for my kids as we are rather laid back with due dates around our house!


Hope this somehow helps,


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