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free printable timeline figures

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I'm working on helping my kiddos put together a notebook timeline for SOTW 1&2.


Any place I can find free printable figures to paste in our nb pages?


I was hoping not to do a google image search for each person, and thought probably someone has done this already...any chance that it's free or low cost? (under $10?)



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Our public library has a subscription to the ABC-CLIO database that is accesible from home on the internet. I just type in the name of the person or event I want to make a card for. The results are categorized and one option is "Images". When I click on that, there is a picture and usually just the right amount of text for a timeline card. A quick "copy->paste" into a document I have set up to print index cards and I have my timeline figures for free. :)


Check your library to see if they offer online access to a history database!

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I third Hannah's timeline figures! She has cards also, similar to VP cards (without the reading rec's at the bottom). I print these out, laminate them with contact paper, and put them on a book ring.

Also, she has a template where you can insert your own image from yahoo or whatever, so you can make other timeline cards that are the same size/format as hers, in case you want to include a few more people.

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