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Classical Conversations seminars-anyone here attend one?

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We have one in our area next week, free for teachers/parents along with a $$ day camp for the kids. My kids are going to the camps but I am attending the seminar. I am just curious if anyone here has gone to one or uses their services and would care to share any experiences with me/us. Thanks!

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I hope you enjoyed it!


I just attended my first CC practicum this summer while my 3 children were in the day camps. (They thoroughly enjoyed their camps: GeoDrawing & Logic)


I was going with mixed ideas about what to expect as I did not know anyone attending nor had I visited a CC open house before.


While I wished that there would have been more "how-to" advice and discussion in the lecture part of the afternoon, I truly appreciated the encouragement and challenge given for parents to continue their own education in a classical manner.


I know some of the first-time (to classical) homescool moms attending wanted more information on "Classical Education." The practicum offered more in-depth probing on how as parents we should transform our own thinking and challenge ourselves to be more logical and analytical as we are teaching our little ones!


I encourage you to go with an open mind and a willingness to be challenged!

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As a longtime homeschooling mom who rarely goes to conferences and rarely does anything "for myself" I thoroughly enjoyed the 3day practicum, the overview of classical education and the IEW free parent TWSS (units 1-4, 6) that was offered. I have taught IEW via videos for years but had never completed the TWSS.


My 7yo (geodrawing) and 10yo and 13yo (IEW) loved their classes, teacher and new friends!


The practicum was split up, roughly CC intro on day one morning; Classical methods and CC info on days 2 & 3 mornings. For the most part, the afternoon sessions were IEW teaching, Pudewa tapes and the moms practicing and learning about the IEW processes.


It seemed most of the moms were fairly new to homeschooling and classical methodology. Most of the kids that they had were in the 0-8yo set. I felt a little old and like much of the info was "things I already knew". But, I liked the 3 days for "me" and that the kids were well cared for and had a wonderful time and wrote several paragraphs for the IEW class.


I think I have decided not to help start a CC community in my town. Mostly because of the cost and the amt. of work that would fall to me as a Challenge (gr 7,8+) director/tutor and my own huge workload that I already have. It is just not the right fit for our family.


I seriously considered it just for the accountability for me; the curriculum looked pretty good and my children would have loved the co op friends and families. The CC presenter was warm, friendly and encouraging. I'm sure she does a good job as a Challenge tutor! The materials in the younger grades looked great. I had some preconceptions on the gr9-12 material, primarily because I have taught those grades with my daughters and the CC "way" looked a little too far away from the "Textbook/co op while still being classical" route that we had traveled. The CC way seemed to be very classical and very knowledge-seeking but it was a bit out of my confort zone for a high school diploma from home route.


Bottom line, I just don't think i have it in me right now to take on the director's role and respsponsibilities.


Lisaj, mom to 5

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