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Lit List for 2nd Grade Boys?


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I know this is a popular topic on these boards, and I did try a few searches before posting-I know I saw a thread on this a loooong time ago (like, last year), but I was hoping some of you could point me in the right direction on this.


DS is going into 2nd grade, with a 3rd/4th grade reading level (in my estimation). Up until this point we've used "all in one" language arts programs-LLATL and McRuffy-but I'm trying to move away from that because I felt like they weren't really "complete" enough-always weak in some area. Because ds is a strong reader, but is on grade level for writing, it's also hard to find a complete program that challenges the reading without being way too hard in terms of writing/grammar.


So the plan is to do FLL/WWE, spelling workout, maybe wordly wise, and then pull together a lit list of "worthwhile" (i.e. not the Captain Underpants he's currently enjoying reading) books for him to read and do some activities from. I'd like to give him some sort of choice, because I'd like him to enjoy this reading, rather than just feeling like he has to do it. I'd also like to try to choose books that he's going to be interested in-which is why the emphasis on books for boys. Ds is also fairly visual-he loves graphic novels and comics-so anything with lots of pictures is a big plus.


So what is your 2nd grade boy reading this year? What are some "good" books that are popular with 2nd grade boys? Where do you look for your lit lists?


Thanks so much,

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Hee, Hee! My second grader's list wouldn't help you. He's still a struggling reader. So, this is what I plan on having my fourth grader read. He is reading on grade level. He doesn't really like to read and loves animals, so I am starting him out with shorter books. We homeschool secularly, too. Lowthar's Blade is a fantasy-type book, something that's big in this house. It's a LOTR, The Black Cauldron type book, only written for younger kids.


Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin Treasure

Dolphin Freedom

Stone Fox

The Matchlock Gun

Chocolate Fever

Encyclopedia Brown Solves Them All

tut, tut

Henry Huggins

Freckle Juice

It's All Greek to Me

Hank the Cowdog

See You Later Gladiator

Lowthar's Blade

Henry and Ribsy

Island: Shipwreck

Watchdog and the Coyotes

James and the Giant Peach

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Forgot some books
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for all the suggestions! That one list for boys who like to make forts is awesome! I want to make a master book list to keep in the library bag-whenever I get there, I always feel like I'm wandering around trying to remember what it was I wanted to take out for the kids.

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