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Omnibus II history spine ?

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Okay, I have decided to use Omnibus II this year with my kids. I will be doing this with them (reading the books, answering the questions, attending the online classes). The problem is they don't have enough history under their belts in this time period (my fault entirely) to have a full understanding of the bigger picture. So, I need a spine of some sort to fill in the gaps as we go along. I have the one Omnibus recommends, but I am not sure I want to use it as it seems sort of dry...


I am not really sure how I am going to do this since Omnibus takes up so much time (again, we are going to be doing the classess online), but I really feel the need to have some sort of ongoing history in the background to get a better feel.


Any suggestions on what spine book to use and how to accomplish this without overwhelming my kiddos (and me)? I still find myself wanting to do fun history with notebooking, maps, timelines, historical fiction...I am really having withdrawls here. My older daughter (who has used Omnibus online without me and is now graduated) keeps telling me they don't need to do these "fun" things anymore...just use Omnibus and some sort of spine book, but I am thinking these Omnibus books look so hard and like, well, no fun!!


Sigh...I wish they were little again! Suggestions, please!!

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