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LoriM - question about how you teach science

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Hi LoriM,


Last year you posted the following:

"I use Event-Based Science for my 7th grade (and PH Science Explorer Life Science for 6th grade).


Classical science should work the same way that classical literature or classical history works. In the grammar stage, your student should be learning vocabulary and basic ideas of science in all fields of science. Memorizing the planets, phases of the moon, seasons of the year, life cycle of fish, frogs, butterflies, etc are all perfect topics for science in the grammar stage. By the Logic stage, including all of middle school, you are talking about relationships and connections. For example, my 7th graders this year have studied hurricanes, contagious diseases, and thrill rides. But it's not about the *breadth* of science knowledge, but instead the habits of mind and nature of science that I want to develop. So, with hurricanes, the teams of students wrote a three-page hurricane newspaper, exploring the impact on the community in all areas, designing an evacuation plan, emergency water supply chain, etc. But for the contagious disease unit, they played a game of "who started it?" and tried to unravel the patient zero and path connecting the sick members of their community. And then they came up with recommendations to stop the spread of the disease, learned how to treat it, etc. Now in the thrill ride unit, they'll explore several properties of physical science, and design their own model theme park ride with a partner, but verify it won't kill passengers (LOL) and show the ways it demonstrates Newton's laws of motion."


I googled Event-Based Science and found this.


My understanding is that you used this in a school setting? Would it be feasible for a homeschool setting? I am curious about the Oil Spill given that is happening right now.




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