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Look here for list of Magic School Bus episode topics


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We managed to record every Magic School Bus episode on our DVR so I took the time to list each episode and the topic the episode teaches about so I can tie the episodes in with lessons. Everyone has been so helpful to me so I wanted to return the favor. Here is the list:


1 Gets Lost in Space Solar System

2 For Lunch Digestive System

3 Inside Ralphie Immune System

4 Gets Eaten Food Chain

5 Hops Home Frogs

6 Meets the Rot Squad Rotting Objects

7 All Dried Up Desert Plants and Animals

8 In the Haunted House Sound / Spooky

9 Get Ready Set Dough Baking

10 Plays Ball Friction

11 Goes to Seed Plant Growth

12 Gets Ants in its Pants Ant hills

13 Kicks up a Storm Weather

14 Blows its Top Volcanos

15 Flexes Its Muscles Body Mechanics

16 The Busasaurus Dinosaurs

17 Going Batty Bats

18 Butterfly and the Bog Beast Butterflies

19 Wet All Over Water

20 In a Pickle Microbes

21 Revving Up Engines

22 Taking Flight Flying

23 Getting Energized Energy

32 Shows and Tells Archaeology

33 Makes a Rainbow Color

34 Goes Upstream Salmon Migration

35 Works Out Blood Circulation

36 Gets Planted Photosynthesis

37 In the Rainforest Rainforest

38 Rocks and Rolls Water and Erosion

40 Meets Molly Cule Molicules

41 Cracks a Yolk Chicken Eggs

42 Goes to Mussel Beach Tides

43 Goes on Air Air Pressure

44 Gets Swamped Wetlands

45 Goes Cellular Cells

46 Sees Stars Stars

47 Gains Weight Gravity

48 Makes a Stink Smells

50 Gets Programmed Computer Programming

51 Gets Charged Fix Ms.Frizz's Doorbell (Electricity?)

52 In the City City Zoo

53 Takes a Dive Treasure map / Coral Reef

Hol Holiday Special Recycling

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Thank you :)


I have no idea if this works, but this may compliment your list. It's a place to watch the episodes free, online.


You can also get some on Netflix :)


I'll be searching for some more online and free and I'll edit this post with results!


Actually, there are only 52 episodes so the link you posted is everything. Now, if you know of other adored kid series like this or Liberty Kids to help us out, by all means, let's share!! Sharing is fun! I like sharing. I need a piece of chocolate now.... but I'm not sharing my chocolate. Lol. :lol:

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