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FREE Handwriting practice paper from Zanier Bloser. Check out this link!


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I was fishing around Zaner-Bloser's website tonight and discovered that they allow you to print out their practice paper for levels K-8... for free!!!:hurray:


Click here and then click on "Get started."




You can also add text BEFORE you print, so this feature would work well for copy work. I have been (tediously) writing out my daughter's copy work with Crayola markers before she copies it under my writing... and I mess up half the time... This feature will be a lifesaver for me!


I also noticed that they have various templates you can choose from... One template is made for spelling words/ lists. Kids can use the lined paper to practice writing their spelling words...


Yay! :D


Not sure if everyone in the world already knows about this but me... (I wouldn't be surprised). But, I am so excited about this discovery! I had to share.


Go to the link below and click on "Get started." The rest is pretty self-explanatory.



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You have to press the blue print button in the pop up window to print your handwriting page or start the print process.


Out of habit, I just pressed "File" at the top of the screen and when the dropped down box showed options, I pressed "Print." But, this did not work because at that point, I was technically trying to print the web page, not the image I created in the pop up window.... Make sense???!!!


However, when I press the blue "Print" button in the Zanier Bloser's window next to the blank sheet or the sheet I create, it works perfectly. :D

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