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If you were using CLE Lit. 9 would you use R&S 9 or CLE English 9?

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Does it matter? I'm thinking it might be easier on dd to have one semester of literature and one semester of English, versus literature (CLE) and R&S English 9. Our English experience has been primarily R&S up to this point; we've used CLE for reading and the girls love it. We use IEW for writing.


Here's the rest of our schedule:


Math - Algebra I (Math Relief)

Science - Apologia Biology

Geography - Oak Meadow

LA - CLE Lit., CLE English or R&S 9/10 English; IEW for writing

Health - North Dakota online Fitness Fundamentals (one semester)

Music - Violin and piano


Thanks for the help!

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Just my preference, there's no right or wrong path to follow on this one, if you ask me: I'd stick with the CLE since your dc has used CLE Reading and loves it. We, too, have used CLE for Reading 7 and 8, and have used some of the English Light Units for 9th. We are looking forward to using the semester of Lit. this year. Okay...guess I'm a little biased. Rod and Staff is a very solid English program, but I've not looked at it beyond level 7.



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