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Help me with writing issues


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So this was going to be a post on the best writing program thread but I thught it would be better as a new thread of it's own


Short story I need a writing program to help my DSDs who are struggling with writing and reading.


Long story: :lol:


one of the major problems that we are right now concentrating on is they have horrible reading comprehension. Neither learned to read phonetically (PS) and neither of them are reading at a very high level. My 12yo reads at maybe a 3rd or 4th grade level and my 9yo is barely reading easy chapter books. My 9yo is getting Fs in spelling :( And my 12yo is barely passing english because of writing. :(


That said we only have them every other week. (joint custody) and before me there was no emphasis on education and learning at home. DH was just too busy before with work and single parenthood and being a pretty young parent he never read to them as kids and they spent most of their early childhood in daycare.


So fast forward to now. They are really struggling in school, 9yo DSD is getting made fun of for getting Fs by peers :( 12yo DSD is convinced she is just not smart or good at school. DH wanted to pull them from PS and have me HS them but their mom is really really against HSing and is very caught up in that social world. She doesn't want her daughters to be geeks and puts a strong emphasis on popularity :( So I am kind of in a hard position with them and struggling to find something to help them but at the same time not make them hate learning even more then they do.



Whew that went OT and crazy :lol:


They really wouldn't say what exactly they hated about WWE other then it was boring and begged DH not to make them do it. As it is we already have to force them to have a reading time each day so I would potentially like something for them that is more fun and or inviting. The boys will be a different story since DS1 spends most of the day begging me to do more "school" :lol:


If it helps any 9yo DSD has ADHD and is a very visual kid. she is more mathy and struggles the worst with writing/reading.


12yo DSD has been burnt the most by PS she hates anything to do with learning and reading. She is not very mathy at all but is really struggling with reading and writing. I think the reading aspect is the worst part. I have her reading little women this summer and downloaded a comprehension activity packet I found on the web. When asked to describe things in the story like a character she is very literal, she is tall, blue eyes ect is all I can usually get out of her. She seems to miss all of the underlying meaning in writing. I am wondering if this is because of DHs heavy use of movies through their childhood. By that I mean letting them watch movies almost all day long daily. Luckily when we got together I showed him evidence that changed the way he thought about that and tv/movie viewing has been cut to 1/2 hour on weekdays and 1 hour on weekends.


Like my book yet?

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For Spelling keep doing AAS, it will provide the phonics they are missing and the syllable rules to help them break a word into parts in order to spell it correctly.


Reading can be improved by getting books on tape along with the actual book. While the child listens to the story have him follow along in the book, that way he hears the word being read while looking at it. This will also help with word recognition when he reads on his own. Use picture books in order to teach character, setting, plot, theme, etc.. It's easier to narrow down each element with a simple, familiar story and then progress to more difficult stories. Also, there are many reading comprehension workbooks available at Teacher stores that can help.


IEW is a great writing program that teaches many tools (-ly words, strong verbs, who/which clause...) to help improve writing. The best part is the child doesn't have to come up with the story on his own. The story is provided for the child, the child then breaks it down into a key word outline, and re-writes the story using some of the learned tools to improve it. Otherwise, Writing Stands is a less parent intensive program that breaks down the writing lesson into smaller parts.


HTH a little. You've got alot going on!!


God Bless!!:001_smile:


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You may already be doing this, but having a read-aloud time as a family is a great way to encourage a love for reading. Just because kids are old enough to do their own reading doesn't mean you can't still read to them. This can be a fun novel you read to the family at bedtime. This can improve comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, attention span and can give you a shared experience to bond over.

Maybe a summer book club with a few friends would be a fun diversion. My dd is participating in one and loving it. She is reading some books she would not have chosen on her own and the moms are taking turns hosting and leading the discussions. We are in charge of planning a fun book-related activity for each meeting as well.

The Bravewriter website and blog has a myriad of fun and interesting activities to encourage writing skills for even the most reluctant writer.


Hope this helps!

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