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Pencil sharpeners

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I use the manual one that has a little 'bucket' attached to catch the pencil shavings.


I bought it for maybe $2.00 and have had it for about 3 years. I got it at a Staples back to school sale. I can't find it online, but it is a pink, clear bucket underneath. It is not that big, it could fit in a crayon box and maybe one of those vertical pencil holders that slide out and snaps close.


I love it :)


ETA: http://www.staples.com/Staples-Dual-Dome-Pencil-Sharpener/product_935650?cmArea=SC1:CG11:DP1102:CL110301

It looks somewhat like that, just a little differently shaped but that would work just the same.

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I went through about 6 different sharpeners before I got sick of this problem. I went to Amazon.com and spent about $25 on this one. I love it. I haven't broken it and since it plugs in I can always find the thing. All the manual ones would be misplaced and the batttery powered one always needed new batteries. I bought it in August of last year and it is still going.



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We have a manual one attached to the wall in the school room. It is *perfect*, close to my kitchen, lasted longer than the electric and we always know where we can sharpen our pencils!


Us too. We went through a bajillion sharpeners before my husband got us this one at Staples for I think 20 or 25.00 and mounted it on the wall. It's been very reliable. ;)

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I love this pencil sharpener from Costco. It has titanium blades.






Electric Pencil Sharpener

Assorted Colors



Item # 130631






Electric Pencil Sharpener


  • Space saving style
  • Assorted colors: Black Cherry, Black, White (delivered color will vary)
  • Each



  • Titanium bonded blades: Using the patented Westcott Titanium bonding process, the blades deliver excellent cutting performance and unparalled longevity before needing replacement
  • Auto sensor shut off: Once the pencil is at the perfect point, the iPoint cuts off power, making sure you get the best result every time
  • Unique design: The iPoint makes an iconic design statement about you and brings a sense of style to your office desk
  • Space saving: With desk space at a premium, the iPoint has a smaller base than any electric sharpener in its class
  • EZ View savings reservoir: Unlike most normal pencil sharpeners, the iPoint allows you to see when you need to empty the shavings reservoir, making sure you get great performance every time


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My favorite is the KUM manual sharpener. It has a slot for regular pencils that sharpens long and thin, and one for colored pencils that sharpens short and pointy.


It is the only sharpener I have ever had that doesn't loosen the lead on colored pencils.


You can get them for less than $5 at Hobby Lobby

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What do you use for a pencil sharpener? I started off the school year with a battery operated one that lasted 2 months. I want something that lasts. Any recommendations?


This happened to us too.


From eBay, I bought a vintage manual metal sharpener like the kind we had in school. I spent $15 including shipping, so it was cheaper than new. I think it will last. My high school was 50+ years old and I think some of those pencil sharpeners were original to the building.

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