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preschool curriculum for a 3 year old boy


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Can someone please recommend something to keep my son busy and possibly teach him some stuff for a couple of hours in the morning? I was looking at Kidsparkz.com but I wanted to get some opinions about it first. I would like to find more than just coloring/ tracing stuff...some hands on, get messy curriculum would be awesome!

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We love to get active and messy here! Our favorites this year have been the Core Knowledge preschool stuff:




This book inclues read-alouds, hands-on activities (making 3 Bears porridge), sticker activities, dramatic acting out of stories along with some tracing - it has really been a blast.


The other resource my younger ds loves is Preschool Art:




Many of these have been a hit with both boys. They take a little bit of prep with pulling together the materials and such but it is totally worth it!


Don't miss the chalk hammering and starch painting - my boys were talking about it for weeks!

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I think this is what I was looking for. I found it on Amazon used for 25.00 so I just ordered it. I hope it works for us!!!


It does not really suit my style but I have heard of others that have used it and were happy with it :). Good luck. Glad you could find if for a good deal ;).

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