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What are your opinions about kidsparkz for pre-school?

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I wouldn't pay.


Because I use these resources and they're free.






Like ANY grade level it's better to prepare the school year ahead of time. Making up all the activities and hands on materials you'll need for him ahead of time that way you don't lose the motivation or forget.


I suggest file folder games 100%!! I also suggest majority of what childcareland.com offers for her freebies..she also has a yahoo group. Her stuff is so neat and awesome! Again it's free for what I use! You can also do penmanship already too for him..if you're not gonna do HWoT just yet with him..then I highly suggest this website for preschool..http://www.kidzone.ws/prek_wrksht/dynamic.htm .. it teaches him to trace straight lines, curved lines and zig zag lines. Even after using all the freebies I could for nearly 2 years of homeschooling I wouldn't do it for grades past preschool because for me it was just TOO much prep needed. However preschool is FUN to create and so EASY and most only take the time to print, laminate and finalize either into a binder, in a file folder or the like.

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You can make your own hands-on for a 3 year old! :) Get the preschool-activities-in-a-bag books, or look at the ideas on Paula's Archives. Also check out Hubbard's Cupboard. I got lots of great ideas from her site when I was teaching a preschool class for a co-op.


If you don't have time to pull your own stuff together, the download is not that expensive, so might be worth it. I just don't see the need for worksheets for a child that young, I guess. Give him play dough and blocks and cars and TAPE and a bucket of pinto beans. He will be happy. :D

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