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Need cheap Amazon Prime-eligible fun things for teens

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Whack-a-Zombie kit


Assorted self-adhesive mustaches (to share with a group of friends)


mini Clif Bars


12pc neon knocker balls (to annoy everyone around them!)


I think those little hand-held mister/fan things would be a great too, but I didn't find any great, cheap ones with Prime. I'm sure there are lots of other cute / funny things... Hard to wade through all of Amazon to find 'em though! :)

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I have two boys at camp now too. How about an inexpensive harmonica or other inexpensive hand-held musical instrument to go along with the singing? They can spend hours learning to play while at camp. I know there are many on Amazon Prime.


Trail mix or bars are always appreciated.


To pass the time, the old-fashioned yo-yo seems to be making a reappearance and they can spend hours learning new tricks.




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Another idea is to use Alice.com. They offer free shipping with the purchase of 6 items. Here is what I sent:


Cinnabon Cinnamon Crisps 2 $0.75 $1.50

Healthy Munchy Pineapple Crispies, 100% Fruit 2 $0.85 $1.70

Crest Anticavity Toothpaste, Regular Paste 1 $2.29 $2.29

Old Wisconsin Sausage Beef 1 $1.89 $1.89


$7.67 and no packing anything up or going to the post office.


Amazon Prime is a great idea, too. Unfortunately, I don't have it anymore.


Here's a link to Alice.com:


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