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Could use some help scheduling Chemistry (Chang) and TC lectures

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My dd wants a good chemistry course but is probably not going to take the SAT subject test or AP test since she plans on taking chemistry at the jr. college in a couple years.


With my dd's input, we decided to use Chemistry 9th (Chang) and the Teaching Company Chemistry lectures next year. I sat down today to figure out how to schedule it and found it to be a bigger chore than I thought.


The text has 25 chapters with a handful of embedded exercises (with answers) and about 100 questions at the end of the chapter.


The Student Solutions manual has a handful of practice exercises (with answers) and then provides the answers to selected end-of-chapter problems in the text (probably about 40 or so).


The TC dvds have 36 lectures and the workbook has a handful of problems (with answers) for each lecture.


I was going to get the chemistry Labpaq, but don't have it yet.


Have thought about getting the Princeton Review SAT subject test review book.


The question: what combination of materials would be sufficient for a high school class? I think assigning all the questions that I have answers for would be overkill, but I don't know which questions I should select.


One plan I thought of was to do the TC lectures and the workbook questions, then read the text doing the practice problems in the text and in the student solutions manual. Then using the Princeton review to make sure she had a good high school level of understanding. This plan leaves out all problems at the end of the chapter. Is this ridiculous?



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I've never seen a TC program that was comprehensive; I've found them to be deep on a few topics or to be lightly covering a number of topics. I think I would use Chang as a spine (great book, btw, but on the harder end of the scale) and mix and match the TC videos to the book.


We plan on covering 6-8 pages per day and nearly all of the related problems. Several of the chapters at the end are not on the chem SAT, so you can skip those entirely. I teach at a 4-year private college and we never, ever cover the end chapters. We often wonder why in the world they are there.


Also, have you already purchased your Chang? If not, drop by a year or two and save a lot of money. The book doesn't change much at all!!!


Good luck in your chem studies. What are you doing for lab experiments?

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Thank you Pam!


I have heard that the TC lectures concentrated more on the math side of chemistry so I knew they would not be our spine, I was just thinking of doing them first-more as an overview- before getting to the text.


So, how many problems are you going to do? There are at least a 100 at the end of each chapter. I assume some are easier and some are harder, but, dang! that's alot of problems.


I found this book and related SSM on Amazon used for a great price so I snagged it. And I was thinking of doing the Chemistry Labpaq. Haven't bought it yet, though.



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Our aim is to do about 3/4th of the problems in each section. I pick and choose from the "cumulative" problems at the end, which tend to be a bit harder. Here's my thinking. Chang is a serious college-level text. I want my son to do acceptably on the Chem SAT II test. If he can work through most of the Chang problems that relate to individual sections, that's far more than a typical high school course and should prepare him adequately for the exam. My son is not going to major in a science discipline, so this will be his first and last chem course.


HTH! PM me if you have specific questions that crop up this year.

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